MTS 2 - UI Developer

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time
Akridata is a US based startup founded in 2018 to build an edge data platform for the autonomous world. Rich data in large volumes is getting collected at the edge(outside a data center) in use cases like autonomous vehicles, smart manufacturing, satellite imagery, smart retail, smart agriculture etc. These datasets are characterized by being unstructured(images/videos), large size(Petabytes per month), distributed(across edge, on- prem and cloud) and form the input for training AI models to get to higher degrees of automation. Akridata is engaged with building products that solve these unique challenges and be at the forefront of this edge data revolution. The company is backed by prominent VCs and has it’s entire software engineering team based out of India and provides ample opportunities for from-scratch design and development. Please visit for more details.                                                                                                   

Skills required:

  1. Strong JavaScript fundamentals.                                                                                              
  2. Good understanding of ES6 and other next gen JavaScript constructs.
  3. Understanding of the nuances of JavaScript like async programming using promises and callbacks, scope, closures, higher order functions as well as object oriented programming.
  4. A good understanding of reactive programming using frameworks such as Vue,
  5. Angular or React and state management for complex, multi component views.                                                                                               
  6. Ability to write DRY code, and create reusable components with a good separation of concerns.
  7. Familiarity with build tools. Knowledge of build and packaging using webpack or other similar tools.
  8. Good understanding of CSS and HTML, basics of UI design and experience with designing a responsive and intuitive UI.
  9. Proficiency with browser based dev tools for debugging logic, performance, network and other issues
  10. Knowledge of web fundamentals such as Http, REST API design etc.                                                                                               
  11. Data Modelling and basics of relational and NoSQL databases.                                                                                     
  12. Ability to work in a fast paced environment with high level and sometimes ambiguous requirements, interacting with multiple stakeholders to drive a feature to                               completion.

Good to have:

  1. Typescript, SASS, SCSS, Testing tools - such as jest, jasmine, mocha
  2. Familiarity with Vue JS and it's ecosystem - Vuex, Vue Router, Quasar / Vuetify or other similar component libraries.
  3. Familiarity with a hybrid mobile application development library / framework such as cordova, phone gap, ionic, sencha touch etc.
  4. 4. Object Oriented Concepts and Design Patterns                                                                                               
  5. Wireframing experience with tools such as Balsamiq, Sketch, InVision or similar


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